Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Porto!

Hello from Porto!!!...I hope this blog will provide information that may be helpful for students who wish to participate in the APS-Porto program in the future! Also, I hope it will provide you an idea of what it is like to do a rotation in Porto!

I arrived in Porto Saturday, October 24 2009.
I caught the metro from the Airport to my residence in Campanhã. It was a about a 30min ride. The metro stop for Campanhã is directly under the residence! Within the station, there are also other trains and buses. But once you leave the station, the neighborhood seems very traditional. There are not a lot of tourists, but instead families, cafes, local businesses, and homes.
It's quite beautiful. It is also very central ( it is only 3 metro stops from the center of the city), it has everything that anyone would need (grocery store, produce store, cafes, pharmacy, etc), and it's only one stop from Estádio do Dragão which is were FC Porto plays!!!

I am housed at WorldSPRU (Sociedade Promotora de Residências Universitárias) which is a university residence in the area of Campanhã. WorldSPRU is a private company (not associated with U.Porto) that provides residence for university students. However professors, young professionals, etc may also apply to live here. (I'm not living in a U.Porto residence because they were full by the time I applied). There are studios, double studios, and apartments. I am housed in a single studio, which is the least expensive option. It is a relatively new building, so it is quite nice. My studio is quite small, but it is perfect for one person. It comes fully furnished. There is a bed, a desk, closet, bathroom, and kitchenette. The cost for the studio is a little over 400€ per month. It's about 19.50€ per night. At the end of the month, I will be billed for the cost of electricity and water for my unit, as well as for the use of the laundry facilities.

So, I basically spent my Saturday and Sunday getting settled and oriented. It was quite rainy and a bit cold the entire weekend, so I did not do too much. I went to the grocery store, I rode around a bit on the metro, and I went to find the hospital...I also took a few pictures (
the last 2 are views from my window)

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