Saturday, November 21, 2009

Details, details, details...

I just want to highlight a couple of things that may be helpful for future UNC students in Porto.

1. Passport Photos
Bring 5 or 6. You'll need them.

2. Bring/buy an umbrella
It rains quite a bit, so have an umbrella and bring a coat.

3. Get the ESN Porto card
This is the Erasmus student network card and it will gain you entrance to all of their events. All you need is 5Euro and a passport photo.

4. Student ID
You will be issued a U.Porto ID card when you register. This card will gain you free entrance into museums, city events, etc. Take the time to find out where you can use it, or just ask about student discounts when you go places.

5. Have a phone
When you register, you will receive a Mosh SIM card and a 30Euro voucher for a TMN phone. The Mosh allows you to make unlimited calls and texts to any other Mosh user (all the Erasmus students) for only 5Euro a month. If your phone won't accept the SIM card (mine did not), use the voucher at any TMN store to buy a phone. My phone cost 20Euro after the discount.

6. Monthly metro pass
Think about getting a monthly pass for the metro. That way you have unlimited rides on the metro, buses, and trolley for the time that you are here.

7. Go to the Museums!!!
There are a lot of museums to visit! Many have free admission on Saturday and Sundays, and some also have free admission with your U.Porto student ID.
There are also other places to visit of course, so visit them!

8. Have Fun!!!
It's a great month. Everyone is really nice and the schedule is more relaxed than at UNC, so make the time to get to know people and the city!

Some pictures from the gardens of Serralves. Admission to the museum and the gardens is free with your U.Porto student ID.

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